If you have been to the shop lately, you will have noticed that there is a brand that makes it into several of our gorgeous gift boxes. Even as a stand alone product, it shines with sophistication. Soapnskin products are all natural, sustainably sourced and provide a luxurious, spa like experience with each and every use. Each product is lovingly handcrafted and infused with aromatic essential oil blends that are good for the mind, body and soul.

Take a peek at their award winning soap HERE

We are excited to have an exclusive interview with Soapnskin! Alhamdulillah. It was such a pleasure getting to know sisters Samar and Rabia as they share their passion for business, beauty and spirituality!

What is the inspiration behind soapNskin? What is your WHY for starting this much-needed initiative?

Our skins! We both experienced extreme sensitivity on our skin, especially our facial area, after we had our children. We tried many different products from big brands to less expensive brands but the results were all the same-red, raw, itchy skin which would become inflamed and would sting upon application.

The lack of products on the market meant we had to find our own solution so we set about making our own products! The passion started with our body butter which worked really well on my skin but Rabia was more skeptical. Eventually when she was convinced to try it she was converted! The pure ingredients in the products did not irritate our skins but left our skins moisturized and subtly scented.

Our soaps are a wonderful cleanser for all over the body (we use ours on our face as well). Because our formulations do not contain harsh surfactants and parabens and mineral based ingredients, the skin is able to retain more moisture and is not left feeling dry and taught.

What is unique about soapNskin’s products?

Our products are completely natural with no chemical nasties at all. They are handmade in small micro batches upon order. So they have not been sat on a shelf in a warehouse for months. They are freshly blended sometimes within a matter of days before delivery.

How much time and effort does it take to blend the extracts until it eventually becomes a beautifully scented product? 

I have been making soaps for many years and have collected a number of classic combinations which I have used. These combinations were taken to the next level when Rabia suggested we only use essential oils, instead of fragrance oils, in our mixes. I then went about doing various aromatherapy courses to learn about essential blends I also began liaising with experts in the field before the current scents were created. In all creating a new scent could take between 3-6 months.

Do you face difficulties when searching for the natural extracts and oils which you use?

Over the years we have built up a sound relationship with our suppliers and will only source from reliable and known sources. Most of the time we find it relatively straight forward to obtain oils. However, there are many factors which can affect a crop of plants and botanicals.

A poor crop due to environmental factors, for example, will mean that the price will shoot up and we may not be able to purchase that particular oil. So as a backup we will always have a couple of suppliers for each product that we use ensuring that production does not get disrupted.

Do you believe it is vital for women to use natural and organic beauty products?

We found it hugely beneficial to use natural products on our skin. The results are visible over time and there are no side effects to many of the ingredients. Furthermore, people are becoming more savvy about natural products, so much so, that there is a shift in ingredients that mainstream cosmetic companies are using in their products also. Many companies are creating more natural formulas to meet customer demand

What are some of the challenges you faced when launching your business or when contemplating a new product? And how do you overcome these challenges?

Our challenges were largely financial. We were and still are brimming with ideas but as a fledgling business we have become very well aware of the financial constraints of being so ‘young’. We use premium products at every opportunity which can be expensive. Our packaging and design is also carefully planned and put together and any changes will cost a lot of money.  We are constantly reviewing our financial risks before making any decisions to ensure the best for all our customers.

Women like to pamper themselves from time to time; do you think soapNskin can give them that dose of happiness and self-love?

While we want people to include our products in their daily routine, we also want them to understand the quality ingredients, time and thought that goes into the products we create. Our products are aromatherapy products which are therapeutic as well as cleansing and moisturizing. The scents which come from the oils are not only a delight to the senses but have properties which benefit our body and mind.

Tapping into one’s potential and fulfilling one’s dream requires extensive efforts as well as support from others, how are you able to stay motivated sisters and who are your main supporters?

Our family have been so supportive and very encouraging. We have utilized many of their skills in different aspects of our business as their knowledge of business and entrepreneurship is so rich it has been invaluable. Our motivation stems from our desire to educate the masses about the benefits of natural products.

We would like people to realise that our products are effective for many skin types, ages and both genders. We have kept our prices low to make these products more accessible as we feel we live in a world where ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ has become a designer label which can only be afforded by a few.

Many women are blessed with a creative sense and amazing talents yet are hesitant about taking the first step and starting their own initiatives, what word of advice do you have for them?

Have a purpose other than just making money. Have a sound business plan which will be vital in your road to success and, ultimately, put your faith in Allah and do it!

When you are not working on new products for your business, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

We are both mothers of three and so free time is a thing of dreams for us! When, however, we are not working and doing school runs and taking the kids to after school clubs and play dates we do like to spend quality time with our families and we also like socializing with each other. We actually make it a point to meet up for a lunch date with each other and pledge not to talk work at least once every month!

From between all the extracts, fragrances and products, which are your personal favorites?  

Mine is the Lavender & Lime with Calendula range as it has the most uplifting scent ever. Rabia likes the more woody oriental notes of Neroli & Patchouli with Jojoba

What are some of Samar and Rabia’s passions and goals in life?

To educate people about the benefits of natural products which are so lovingly made for all your family.

We would like to be known not only as entrepreneurs but Muslim sisters who have broken down the many stereotypes of our culture to become successful at business and raising a family (and everything that come between!)

Anything else interesting you would like to share?

Our business is new and is evolving constantly. We are always researching new products and have some very exciting things planned. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with gorgeous product updates social and stop by our website for updates and upcoming events/appearances!

Have you had the opportunity to try any of Soapnskin products? Please share with us your favorites! We especially look forward to watching them grow, and trying more of their deliciously scented products! You can take a peek at their award winning soap HERE and be sure to look out for their products in upcoming Signature Collections! 

Salam Gorgeous would like to especially thank sister Ibtihal, who so carefully and creatively coordinated this wonderful interview! 

Ibtihal is a striving Muslimah currently majoring in Islamic Economics, with the intention of spreading awareness about Islamic shari’ah law in this field in sha Allah. At the moment, she enjoys writing Islamic articles to share the knowledge she gains with others, hoping to inspire and motivate herself and others to be positive contributors in this world. 

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