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“Salam Gorgeous” curates fine halal living essentials for Muslimah’s. Our mission is to provide our beloved sister’s with luxury halal products & services that help them to be their best, Insha Allah.

We’re always looking for great halal brands who want to showcase their products through our virtual shop window and find a whole new audience. Does that sound like you? Join us and start selling more! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

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Are you an awesome halal brand. Have you got a great product that you know our sisters will love? Apply to join Salam Gorgeous as a partner brand and we’ll see if we agree.
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For the first 3 months after you have signed up, no commissions apply. But payment processing fee charged by the payment gateways will still apply even during the trial period. Following the completion of the trial period, both fees will continue to apply until you cancel your account with us.


Our Dream Partners

Big or small, new or established: we don’t mind. We just want to work with good people who have great products.
Customer care
We’re all about taking care of the people who choose to shop with us; we’re sure you hold the same standards.
Great Images
A picture paints a thousand words, and has the power to clinch a sale in a split second. So send us some pretty snaps to drool over.
Team work
Together, we’re stronger: Keen to work as a team and get the halal flag flying high! Most welcome.

Key Benefits

New Leads. More Sales

You pour a lot of love into your products. Isn’t it time to share that love with more of your fellow Muslims? We’re certain our customers are going to love your product(s). So, just go ahead and share your goodness. In return gain new leads and more sales. 

Amplify credibility

With thousands of social media followers, healthy website traffic and a hitch-free checkout process, we’ve already built a captive audience. So, this is your chance to play on a bigger stage. Working with us will see your brand’s credibility grow the way it deserves to. *Cue excitement.*

Enjoy repeat business

We’ve created our business model carefully to encourage repeat business from our loyal customers. Could your sales projections do with a little more security. 

Brands we’ve worked with

Shifa Aromas


Salam Gorgeous is a luxury halal lifestyle brand for Muslim Women.

Our beloved creator, fashioned a woman in the finest form possible – by giving her the gift of a beautiful mind, body & soul. Every woman has the power within her to tap into these gifts and make the most of her life. And most of them, aspire too. But yet somewhere on the way to this, due to a variety of life’s struggles & pressures, the dream gets trampled upon, the focus gets lost and sadly we end up compromising and settling for far less than what could be possible. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can certainly rediscover our mojo and we can make our life a masterpiece by aiming for excellence in all walks of life. So whether it is looking our best, being in the pink of our health, developing a deep connect with our beloved creator, developing a beautiful career for ourselves, raising a beautiful family, creating a beautiful home or anything that our heart desires, let us just take the plunge and go for it. After all this will be the perfect return gift to the one who gifted you with beauty in everything by birth. Salam Gorgeous, through its products, services and content just wishes to be a small catalyst in this life changing journey.


We allow quality halal brands that fall under following categories : health & beauty, modest fashion, home & living, edible treats and literary delights. The products must be ethical, natural, fair-trade and wherever possible handmade . The products should not be mass produced. We generally don’t allow resellers (depending on the industry, rarely there may be some exclusions to this policy- so please check with us if you are a reseller for any products).

We give preference to UK based sellers. This is only because most of our orders are made within UK and shipping costs can be exorbitant for non-UK sellers to fulfill UK orders. However we may be able to still accept abroad sellers through other arrangements. So please do leave a message using our contact form providing as much detail as you can about your business and we will get back to you soon.

We highly value every single application that we receive. But to ensure our customers get the very best, we do have a robust, structured and methodical selection process. As listed earlier, broadly we base our selection on these 4 criteria – product quality, image quality, customer service standards and willingness of the brand to be a team player. But this is not exhaustive and we may take additional criteria into consideration before approving a vendor account. One key point that we highly value in our selection process is the quality of images – so please pay more attention to this when you apply to join. Additionally there are few specific pointers in relation to selection process for some product types and they are mentioned below.

  • Health & beauty brands – our scrutiny is very stringent – because we evaluate all ingredients that a product contains.
  • Modest fashion brands – we only accept suppliers who work with fair-trade principles.

We will email you to let you know that your brand has been approved. We will also request you to provide all necessary product information (name, description, price, images). If any of your products have variants, then you will need to clearly specify all this information to us. This makes it easy for us to create all product listings in the shortest possible time. We will take about 5 days to complete this process. We will then send you a link that contains all your product listings. Once you have approved it, your products will be made live on our site

Currently we have limit of 15 products. So we advise you that you choose your best selling items and submit them alone for uploading. Please note: on the odd occasion we may be flexible about this limit and allow additional products. So please do ask. But to make things easy for us and you, we have kept this limit for now. This limit may be revised in future as our brand develops. Insha Allah

An email will be automatically generated and sent out to you every time any of your products are sold. This email will contain all information about the order items, the buyer’s shipping address and the buyers chosen method of shipping. Once you receive this, you will need to pick, pack and ship the items to the buyer. Please ensure you stay within the shipping timeframe as chosen by the buyer.

We encourage all customers to directly contact the product vendor if they have any product related queries or wish to return a product. Please do your best to try and resolve the problem so that a return can be avoided. If that isn’t possible, please authorise the return and inform us so that we can send the customer a free return postage label. Once the products are received on your side, please check to see if it follows all your norms for a return and let us know if you are approving a full refund (including the shipping fee paid). Once this is done,  you will have to remit the relevant monies to our account within 1-2 working day and we will forward that to the customer within the following 1-2 days. We expect this whole process to be completed within 5-7 days after a return is agreed by you. So it is vital that the above mentioned time limits are strictly maintained to ensure it is a hassle free experience for the customer. Please note: you are also liable for the postage fee that is charged by the shipping provider for the free return. We will let you know how much this is before you credit the relevant monies to our account. Please note: certain products will be excluded from our returns policy due to health & safety reasons (For example – beauty products)

Sales happen on our site & we will collect the monies on your behalf. We will transfer it to your account as soon as it is credited to our account from the respective payment gateway. Please note that timescales vary for each gateway. For example PayPal payments are received immediately and Stripe payments take about 1 week to credit. So your payments will follow this pattern

Currently we are offering a 3 month free trial period. On completion of same a flat 5% fee will apply to all sales. This will be deducted prior to transferring your monies.

We use Stripe & Paypal payment gateways. These gateways charge a processing fee for all card payments. As we do not have any control over these charges, we will have to pass on these costs to you. Hence you will have to pay up-to 5% + £0.20 per card transaction. We will only charge you exactly what the payment gateway applies. Hence it is given as a range of up-to 5%. Also please note: this fee will apply even during the trial period.

We have only covered some of the most common questions & answers. If you have any other doubts or queries, please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to clarify

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