Think it is impossible to take time out of your already busy day to just add something new? We think that is purely an excuse! Read on as sister Umm Hafsa shares 4 Daily Rituals that will help you embrace a radical self love routine. 

The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. When this relationship changes and evolves, make no mistake that your external life will reflect these changes too. It’s no accident that when I’m busting with love and overflowing with inner happiness, the people around me reflect that back.

It’s no accident that when I truly trust that Allah will provide for me, I have new clients and opportunities knocking on my door. Here I’m going to share 4 ways to flex you self-love muscle, so that you can show up as the most happiest and vibrate version of you.

Give Yourself Compliments

You go through your day magnifying your mistakes and criticising every non-existent flaw you could possibly have, so why not change the daily dialogue you have with yourself? There was a period in my life that no matter how hard I tried, I was constantly feeling depressed and unmotivated.

I was seriously questioning quitting my blog and felt so useless. In that moment, I noticed how all my thoughts were beyond negative and weighing me down. No wonder I felt so awful!

Since that moment, I’ve made a conscious decision to check in with my thoughts and feed positivity into my mind. That’s why I love and highly recommend complementing yourself on a daily basis. It raises your energetic vibration and often leaves me in silent giggles. Every time you walk pass a mirror or mess up, compliment yourself.

My favourite comments include: ‘You’re such a babe’, ‘You – you’re smoking!’ ‘Girl, you’re on fire!’ ‘You’re seriously so gorgeous’.

Would that not make you smile? Would you still take yourself so seriously after that? I highly doubt. You’re been thinking negatively for so long and it hasn’t worked, so why not give this a try?

Spend 5 Minutes Every Morning On Yourself

Beauty. There’s no denying it.  As women, beauty is such an integral part of our femininity. Life gets busy and we’re the first ones to put our needs on the back stove. When you wake up, it’s so easy to rush into the day and forget that your still in your pyjamas (guilty!). For those reasons, spend 5 minutes every morning on you. Specifically on your appearance and clothes.

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Even if you’re a stay at home mother or work from home, dressing beautifully can do wonders for your self esteem and confidence and is an important key when embracing your own radical self love routine. I noticed the days that I quickly flick on mascara, softly smudge a black/brown eye liner around my eyes, I feel so much more beautiful. I’ve seen grandmothers who can barely walk, still find the time to pencil in their eyebrows. It’s because beauty is such an integral need for us women.

Work On Your Passions

If you don’t nourish this part of yourself, it’ll show up in many other ways. You’ll be the cranky wife and mother constantly nagging at your husband and children (for control) because you’re feeling so lost deep within yourself. You’ll drown yourself in marathons of TV dramas and movies because you’ve ignored that spark, calling you to something greater.

Passion is what makes life exciting. Passion is what gives you something to do other than centering your entire life around your husband all day. I see this with my clients – the moment a marriage proposal comes into their life, they drop everything and give their entire heart and attention to a man they barely know.

That’s why passion is so important. Passion keeps you grounded. Passion says ‘I’ll keep my life going, regardless of what happens’. Once you commit to your passions, you literally light up. People will tell you how happy and joyful you are. People will notice that you no longer complain about feeling tired anymore.

Your passions are unique to you. Not all passions are destined to make you money. Not all passions are destined to make you an expert. Some things you’ll do just because it makes you happy. That’s a good enough reason to start today.

Commit To A Daily Health Ritual

The epitome of self-love is taking care of you. Let’s face it, that includes the way we nourish our bodies. I’ve never met anybody who feels fantastic after diving into a tub of ben and jerry’s ice-cream, that’s not radical self love. I’ve never seen anybody with skyrocket energy after brimming their stomachs with plates of food.

Whilst I can spend forever talking to you about eating for nourishment and love, there’s one tip that’s life-changing. That is to commit to one daily health ritual – that you find easy to follow and can commit to whole-heartedly.

For me it’s green tea. I’ve been drinking this stuff for years and on average 2 cups a day. I went through a period of drinking mugs of green tea daily and would carry extra tea bags with me – just in case if I need it. I travel abroad with my trusty packets of Clippers green tea. If that’s missing from my kitchen cupboards, I’ll be hunting down the closest convenience store – even at 8pm.

If you’re feeling stuck, here are a few suggestions: ginger tea, 2 litres of water, stretching, turmeric latte, salad once a day, getting your greens  in at least one meal/snack, sleeping early, bone broth, daily smoothies/juices, warm lemon water with honey.

What is it for you? What one health ritual could you commit to for a lifetime? What one health ritual makes you feel amazing? It needs to be easy and something that you genuinely enjoy.

About the Author

Umme Hafsa is a life coach, blogger, self-love advocate and alimiyyah graduate. Her mission is to inspire Muslim women to create a beautiful life, infused with love, fiercely igniting their soul to manifest their wildest dreams. You can find her on her blog, Inspired and Fabulous.


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