Is it your health that’s weighing you down? Are your thoughts crippling you from taking inspired action? Is your beliefs that are holding your back? Are your emotions getting too much? Is your Emaan suffering too? Goodness me… where do you begin?!

This blogpost is for you – the girl with this yearning to grow, this inner call for something more. You’re not the kind of girl to numb yourself with endless Netflix binges and tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on couch every night because your heart is calling for something more. But where do you begin? This blogpost will cover 5 essential areas in your journey of self-development. Let’s begin!

1) Your Purpose

What are you here to do? I can guarantee you it’s a lot more than catching up on the Real Housewives series or stalking your favourite hijabi blogger 😉 But really what are you here for? What lights you up? What makes you feel like the happiest woman alive? Journal on all the things that make you feel alive – chances are your purpose isn’t tied to one thing (i.e. being a wife/ mama/ a specific career/ a certain hobby). Chances are your purpose is a mixture of roles, passions and hobbies merging together. You want to be the happiest wife, the supermom with a meaningful passion/work that makes you feel complete. You want to be the woman glowing with happiness and joy just because. So journal on what makes you feel alive and how can you begin to incorporate that in your day to day life?

2) Your Thoughts

Ever had one of those days, where everything seemed perfect from the outside but deep inside you felt empty? Where instead of focusing on all the things you do have, your mind latched on the one thing that went wrong? Why do we let that one thing we don’t have affect the way we feel about all the things we do have? Your thoughts, your monkey mind (picture monkeys jumping crazily from one branch to the next… oh just like the way your thoughts do 😉 ) is the reason why. A happy life comes from mastering your thoughts. The moment you give your negative thoughts your power, you’re in an uphill struggle against yourself. Whilst mastering negative thoughts requires a post on it’s own, for now look at how you can begin to add more positive thoughts through out your day. Perhaps morning affirmations? Complimenting yourself or graciously receiving a compliment from others.

3) Your Beliefs

What you believe will form the foundation of what you experience in this life. If you think all men are trash, that’s the kind of men you’re going to see in your life. If you think raising children is painstakingly difficult, that’s the kind of experience you’re going to have. If you think marriage is hard work, honey that’s because you choose to believe it so. If you think money makes you a bad person, well no wonder your short on cash! You may not have consciously chosen your beliefs but it’s up to you to adjust them if needed. Most of our beliefs come from our parents, fear mongering from society and from watching others. Your beliefs are the centre of all your experiences. If you want to experience better things, upgrade your beliefs.

4) Your Dream Woman Avatar

What kind of woman do you want to be? Feminine? Loving? Ambitious? Driven? Hard-working? Playful? What is she doing? How does she start her day? What kind of books does she read? What does she listen to? What’s her health routine like? What does she look like? What is she passionate about? Your dream woman avatar is that girl within you – waiting for you to tap into her. To actually become the woman you dream to be like. Create an avatar of her. Become crystal clear on who she is/ how she dresses/ how she takes care of herself/ how she spend her day etc. Tap into her and use that as an inspiration to become like her.

5) Your Dreams + Passions

What do you dream of doing? What could you spend the rest of your life doing? Spend some time dreaming and figuring out what you would love to do in this lifetime of yours. Your dreams will drive you. As much as family, love, friends mean the world to you; nothing can replace that feeling of satisfaction from committing to your dreams. It doesn’t have to be something big, it could be starting a blog, learning a new skill, reading a certain book – those little things that light you up, that give you a sense of identity (outside of being the happiest wife + supermom) will support and enrich the way you show up in all areas of your life.


About the Author

Umme Hafsa is a life coach, blogger, self-love advocate and alimiyyah graduate. Her mission is to inspire Muslim women to create a beautiful life, infused with love, fiercely igniting their soul to manifest their wildest dreams. You can find her on her blog, Inspired and Fabulous.

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