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Is it your health that’s weighing you down? Are your thoughts crippling you from taking inspired action? Is your beliefs that are holding your back? Are your emotions getting too much? Is your Emaan suffering too? Goodness me… where do you begin?!

This blogpost is for you – the girl with this yearning to grow, this inner call for something more. You’re not the kind of girl to numb yourself with endless Netflix binges and tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on couch every night because your heart is calling for something more. But where do you begin? This blogpost will cover 5 essential areas in your journey of self-development. Let’s begin!

1) Your Purpose

What are you here to do? I can guarantee you it’s a lot more than catching up on the Real Housewives series or stalking your favourite hijabi blogger 😉 But really what are you here for? What lights you up? What makes you feel like the happiest woman alive? Journal on all the things that make you feel alive – chances are your purpose isn’t tied to one thing (i.e. being a wife/ mama/ a specific career/ a certain hobby). Chances are your purpose is a mixture of roles, passions and hobbies merging together. You want to be the happiest wife, the supermom with a meaningful passion/work that makes you feel complete. You want to be the woman glowing with happiness and joy just because. So journal on what makes you feel alive and how can you begin to incorporate that in your day to day life?

2) Your Thoughts

Ever had one of those days, where everything seemed perfect from the outside but deep inside you felt empty? Where instead of focusing on all the things you do have, your mind latched on the one thing that went wrong? Why do we let that one thing we don’t have affect the way we feel about all the things we do have? Your thoughts, your monkey mind (picture monkeys jumping crazily from one branch to the next… oh just like the way your thoughts do 😉 ) is the reason why. A happy life comes from mastering your thoughts. The moment you give your negative thoughts your power, you’re in an uphill struggle against yourself. Whilst mastering negative thoughts requires a post on it’s own, for now look at how you can begin to add more positive thoughts through out your day. Perhaps morning affirmations? Complimenting yourself or graciously receiving a compliment from others.

3) Your Beliefs

What you believe will form the foundation of what you experience in this life. If you think all men are trash, that’s the kind of men you’re going to see in your life. If you think raising children is painstakingly difficult, that’s the kind of experience you’re going to have. If you think marriage is hard work, honey that’s because you choose to believe it so. If you think money makes you a bad person, well no wonder your short on cash! You may not have consciously chosen your beliefs but it’s up to you to adjust them if needed. Most of our beliefs come from our parents, fear mongering from society and from watching others. Your beliefs are the centre of all your experiences. If you want to experience better things, upgrade your beliefs.

4) Your Dream Woman Avatar

What kind of woman do you want to be? Feminine? Loving? Ambitious? Driven? Hard-working? Playful? What is she doing? How does she start her day? What kind of books does she read? What does she listen to? What’s her health routine like? What does she look like? What is she passionate about? Your dream woman avatar is that girl within you – waiting for you to tap into her. To actually become the woman you dream to be like. Create an avatar of her. Become crystal clear on who she is/ how she dresses/ how she takes care of herself/ how she spend her day etc. Tap into her and use that as an inspiration to become like her.

5) Your Dreams + Passions

What do you dream of doing? What could you spend the rest of your life doing? Spend some time dreaming and figuring out what you would love to do in this lifetime of yours. Your dreams will drive you. As much as family, love, friends mean the world to you; nothing can replace that feeling of satisfaction from committing to your dreams. It doesn’t have to be something big, it could be starting a blog, learning a new skill, reading a certain book – those little things that light you up, that give you a sense of identity (outside of being the happiest wife + supermom) will support and enrich the way you show up in all areas of your life.


About the Author

Umme Hafsa is a life coach, blogger, self-love advocate and alimiyyah graduate. Her mission is to inspire Muslim women to create a beautiful life, infused with love, fiercely igniting their soul to manifest their wildest dreams. You can find her on her blog, Inspired and Fabulous.


We all know as women we have this habit of putting people before us. We tend to neglect ourselves and put other people’s needs before our own. Especially when we’re married or just after we’ve had a baby. Oh yes, that post-natal neglection is real! I have seen it with so many women and I am probably the guiltiest of it.

And having a little Halal black dress? It’s out of the question, of course. 

My Little Halal Black Dress and why you deserve to treat yourself to one, too! Don't feel guilty for feeling good about yourself. Read through to hear how one sister makes herself feel loved after sacrificing herself for her infants illness.

Why it’s So Important to Remember Ourselves

After giving birth to my son, I went through a period where I would think about him and his health so much more than my own. Especially after he developed Seborrhoea. Seborrhoea is a condition that makes the skin red and itchy with white scales. He was constantly agitated which meant I was at his beck and call with creaming his skin day and night just so it wouldn’t come back.

I was buying him organic products for his skin, organic clothes for him to wear and even went onto buying him organic bed-sheets just so he could sleep comfortably at night (*but that is a story for a different day*). This led to me completely neglecting myself which I hadn’t realized until quite recently.

Alhamdulillah today he is much better and Allah helped my husband and me to get through that tough period. At the time though, I just hadn’t realised how much I had forgotten about myself. I forgot to eat properly, take care of my skin and buy myself nice things especially clothes! I’m quite embarrassed to admit I hadn’t treated myself to anything until a year after he was born!

When I Started To Look After Myself

Yes! It took me a whole year! It took me so long to remember dressing up and making myself feel loved. I concentrated on him so much, I forgot how nice it felt to be able to love myself again, to be able to love my body and to feel good when wearing nice clothes.

Although it is well over-due, I now make sure to take time for myself every now and then. I buy myself something nice for my wardrobe and wear it for special occasions, parties, and girly gatherings or even just at home! I probably steer towards clothing more as it makes quite a significant difference to how I feel.

I have started this new rule, after going through a tough time physically, or emotionally, to take time to treat myself. Why not give it a try too? Remind yourself that you need to be loved. Gift yourself with something nice, it doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Just something that will make you feel and look good.

We think you deserve a gift! Be sure to check out the shop to pick up something nice for yourself! 

What I Bought and How It Made Me Feel

In the process of treating myself this month, I bought a few sparkly items for my wardrobe. I bought this gorgeous sequined dress and sparkly shoes. My husband reminded me that I don’t do it enough which really encouraged me
to go for it.

Do you ever get that special new-dress sensation? That distinctive feeling that only a beautiful new dress can give a woman? I can sense some of you ladies nodding at this point as your brain desperately tries to recall the last time you had this feel-good moment.

The lit

It’s one of those odd flashes of bliss that you don’t have to share with anyone – it’s all about you! There is that sparkly buzz when the silky material slides over your skin and, submerged in that irreplaceable new-dress scent, you run your fingers along the flawless seams and the intricate button work, immersing yourself in the work of art that is this magical dress.

A gorgeous snug fit- that you have eternally been searching for- greets you like an old friend full of compliments. You look up in the mirror and for a minute, surprised and shocked that anything could make you look so good, you find yourself lost in that heavenly moment of happiness with a smile that only you know is truly genuine.

In that moment, no matter what is going on around you, you feel good. You feel beautiful. All of a sudden, you love the little curves and bumps on your hips which until this point were mere imperfections that needed perfecting. In that moment you are the better version of you. That’s exactly how I felt when I put on my little halal black dress.

As well as making you look good, all of this “buying clothes”, especially a little Halal black dress, business might sound really materialistic but I am coming from a more self-caring point of view. For example I find it helps me with maintaining a healthy size especially as a wife.

I find looking good for your spouse always has a positive outcome. The empowerment I get when feeling healthy is what I love rather than how slobbish I can feel when constantly wearing my over-sized sweats. Even if you’re not married dressing to make yourself feel good can make so much of a difference to how you appear to yourself.

Other Ways to Love Yourself

Loving myself this month was about buying pretty clothes but there are always other ways in which you can do it and it doesn’t have to include spending money. Spend time on yourself, run yourself a beautiful warm bubble bath, get stuck into that book you’ve been meaning to but never got the time to or simply wear beautiful clothes at home. Just remind yourself you are still important.

Do you have any self love musts you would like to share with us? Leave them in the comments! We always love to inspire our readers with new ways to love themselves more, in shaa Allah!


About the Author

Sainab is a Wife and a Mother who recently started her hobby for blogging. As well as writing about home interior and fashion, she also co-founded Barakah London with her Sister. It’s a Fashion line they started a few years back where they hand-make Abayas for personal clients. You can find her sharing her experiences on home, life and love on her blog, Step Inside My Handbag,  and follow her on Instagram.


Chelsea from Muslimah Healthy shares with us 6 healthy and delicious foods that fight depression naturally, masha Allah! 

We all do it. We’re feeling a little blue so we indulge in a box of milk chocolates or a bowl of ice cream. There’s something about the sensual sweetness of these foods that make us feel good. But that feeling doesn’t normally last. It’s often accompanied by a guilt trip for having gone off track, or worse, an energy crash!

What if I told you there were foods that fight depression and actually do promote happiness? And I’m talking about good, healthy foods that can boost both your mood and your health. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s totally OK to indulge in your favorite junk foods every now and again. It’s not just OK, it’s necessary! But it shouldn’t become a habit.

In fact, studies show that more than 80% of people regain weight after two years of losing it, and this weight regain is linked to emotional eating. But what if we could find good, whole foods that don’t just make our taste buds happy, but that make our minds happy as well?

Here are 6 healthy foods that fight depression and promote happiness!

1) Mussels

Mussels are loaded with beneficial vitamin B-12, a nutrient that is often lacking in the average diet. In fact, just 3 ounces of mussels contains over 300% of the daily recommended value!

Vitamin B-12 deficiency has been linked to depression. Some observational studies have found that up to 30% of depressed patients are deficient in this amazing vitamin.

What’s more, mussels are high in protein, low in fat and calories, and contain trace amounts of other vitamins and minerals. This makes mussels one of the healthiest and nutrient-dense seafood options out there!

2) Yogurt

Yogurt was one of the foods eaten by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Yogurt is a cultured dairy product that enhances the populations of the healthy bacteria, known as probiotics, in your gut.

Researchers studying a group of women, who ate yogurt regularly, found that ingesting these beneficial bacteria can alter the way the brain responds to the environment. In other words, the bacteria in yogurt may help to alleviate anxiety and stress.

Greek or regular yogurt are both healthy choices, but be sure to choose the full-fat option to avoid added sugars. I like to sweeten mine up naturally with a little honey (coming up next) and fresh fruit!

3) Honey

There are a lot of debates about honey and whether or not it is beneficial. Some say it’s just as bad as table sugar while others argue it is a healthier alternative to sugar.

As Muslims, we know the amazing benefits honey has to offer as it was a favorite of Prophet Muhammad’s (saw).

It was narrated from Abdullah that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

“You should take the two that bring healing: Honey and the Qur’an.” [Sunan Ibn Majah]

Raw honey is packed with beneficial compounds that reduce inflammation. Inflammation has been shown as a possible factor related to depression.

Healthy tip: Add some honey to your yogurt for a double mood-boosting food, or add it to a cup of tea for a more relaxed affect. We have some in the SHOP, if you fancy!

4) Walnuts

I’m sure you’ve heard about the amazing health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Well there is a specific type called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that is present in nuts, especially walnuts.

Studies have linked low levels of ALA to depression. In one study, women who had the most ALA in their diets were less likely to be depressed.

Low ALA in the blood reduces levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter involved in many functions including behavior, attention, and mood. ALA also acts as an anti inflammatory which, as mentioned above, can aid in reduced depression.

Walnuts, or any nuts for that matter, are a great addition to a healthy diet. They can be added to your oatmeal, salads, or are great to have on the side with a piece of fruit for a healthy snack.

5) Pomegranate

Pomegranate is another beloved sunnah food that has been linked to happiness! The juice from pomegranates is packed with plant compounds called phytochemicals. These phytochemicals help stimulate serotonin receptors.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that sends messages throughout the brain regarding sleep, sexual desire, and mood, among many others.

If you’re getting sick of water, drink this amazing juice once a day to up your happiness levels!

6) Dark Chocolate

I had to save the best for last! If you’re feeling down and you’re really craving something chocolaty, look no further than a bar of dark chocolate (the darker the better)!

Dark chocolate contains plant chemicals known as polyphenols, which act as antioxidants and can even help to improve mood.

In one study volunteers drank a dark chocolate drink with zero, 250 mg, or 500 mg of polyphenols. Those who had the highest dose of polyphenols reported higher levels of calmness and connectedness.

Eating that feels good

Emotional eating is something we all do, women in particular. It makes sense; food tastes good and in turn makes you feel good. But it doesn’t have to be foods that are going to sacrifice your health. Indulging every once in awhile is healthy, and normal. When binging and unhealthy eating becomes habit forming it’s time to consider finding the root of whatever pain you feel that may be encouraging you to turn to food.

Need some help overcoming your Emotional Eating Habits? Sr. Hafsa on the Inspired & Fabulous blog has a series that will help you heal, Masha Allah! You can read part one HERE

Next time you’re feeling a little down, grab one of these amazing foods instead of reaching for that carton of ice cream! Not only will you feel great after eating a healthy snack, you will also find yourself feeling nourished, mind body and soul.

What is your go-to food when you’re feeling down? Did this article make you think twice about what you reach for? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

About the author

Chelsea is a blogger, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist specializing in Healthy Eating for Weight Loss. She is passionate about healthy, natural living and Islamic Medicine. She wishes to inspire other women to live more natural and healthy lives for the sake of Allah (swt). You can find her on her blog, Muslimah Healthy.



Think it is impossible to take time out of your already busy day to just add something new? We think that is purely an excuse! Read on as sister Umm Hafsa shares 4 Daily Rituals that will help you embrace a radical self love routine. 

The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. When this relationship changes and evolves, make no mistake that your external life will reflect these changes too. It’s no accident that when I’m busting with love and overflowing with inner happiness, the people around me reflect that back.

It’s no accident that when I truly trust that Allah will provide for me, I have new clients and opportunities knocking on my door. Here I’m going to share 4 ways to flex you self-love muscle, so that you can show up as the most happiest and vibrate version of you.

Give Yourself Compliments

You go through your day magnifying your mistakes and criticising every non-existent flaw you could possibly have, so why not change the daily dialogue you have with yourself? There was a period in my life that no matter how hard I tried, I was constantly feeling depressed and unmotivated.

I was seriously questioning quitting my blog and felt so useless. In that moment, I noticed how all my thoughts were beyond negative and weighing me down. No wonder I felt so awful!

Since that moment, I’ve made a conscious decision to check in with my thoughts and feed positivity into my mind. That’s why I love and highly recommend complementing yourself on a daily basis. It raises your energetic vibration and often leaves me in silent giggles. Every time you walk pass a mirror or mess up, compliment yourself.

My favourite comments include: ‘You’re such a babe’, ‘You – you’re smoking!’ ‘Girl, you’re on fire!’ ‘You’re seriously so gorgeous’.

Would that not make you smile? Would you still take yourself so seriously after that? I highly doubt. You’re been thinking negatively for so long and it hasn’t worked, so why not give this a try?

Spend 5 Minutes Every Morning On Yourself

Beauty. There’s no denying it.  As women, beauty is such an integral part of our femininity. Life gets busy and we’re the first ones to put our needs on the back stove. When you wake up, it’s so easy to rush into the day and forget that your still in your pyjamas (guilty!). For those reasons, spend 5 minutes every morning on you. Specifically on your appearance and clothes.

We have gorgeous boxes that will make establishing a self love routine very simply! Take a peek at the shop HERE. 

Even if you’re a stay at home mother or work from home, dressing beautifully can do wonders for your self esteem and confidence and is an important key when embracing your own radical self love routine. I noticed the days that I quickly flick on mascara, softly smudge a black/brown eye liner around my eyes, I feel so much more beautiful. I’ve seen grandmothers who can barely walk, still find the time to pencil in their eyebrows. It’s because beauty is such an integral need for us women.

Work On Your Passions

If you don’t nourish this part of yourself, it’ll show up in many other ways. You’ll be the cranky wife and mother constantly nagging at your husband and children (for control) because you’re feeling so lost deep within yourself. You’ll drown yourself in marathons of TV dramas and movies because you’ve ignored that spark, calling you to something greater.

Passion is what makes life exciting. Passion is what gives you something to do other than centering your entire life around your husband all day. I see this with my clients – the moment a marriage proposal comes into their life, they drop everything and give their entire heart and attention to a man they barely know.

That’s why passion is so important. Passion keeps you grounded. Passion says ‘I’ll keep my life going, regardless of what happens’. Once you commit to your passions, you literally light up. People will tell you how happy and joyful you are. People will notice that you no longer complain about feeling tired anymore.

Your passions are unique to you. Not all passions are destined to make you money. Not all passions are destined to make you an expert. Some things you’ll do just because it makes you happy. That’s a good enough reason to start today.

Commit To A Daily Health Ritual

The epitome of self-love is taking care of you. Let’s face it, that includes the way we nourish our bodies. I’ve never met anybody who feels fantastic after diving into a tub of ben and jerry’s ice-cream, that’s not radical self love. I’ve never seen anybody with skyrocket energy after brimming their stomachs with plates of food.

Whilst I can spend forever talking to you about eating for nourishment and love, there’s one tip that’s life-changing. That is to commit to one daily health ritual – that you find easy to follow and can commit to whole-heartedly.

For me it’s green tea. I’ve been drinking this stuff for years and on average 2 cups a day. I went through a period of drinking mugs of green tea daily and would carry extra tea bags with me – just in case if I need it. I travel abroad with my trusty packets of Clippers green tea. If that’s missing from my kitchen cupboards, I’ll be hunting down the closest convenience store – even at 8pm.

If you’re feeling stuck, here are a few suggestions: ginger tea, 2 litres of water, stretching, turmeric latte, salad once a day, getting your greens  in at least one meal/snack, sleeping early, bone broth, daily smoothies/juices, warm lemon water with honey.

What is it for you? What one health ritual could you commit to for a lifetime? What one health ritual makes you feel amazing? It needs to be easy and something that you genuinely enjoy.

About the Author

Umme Hafsa is a life coach, blogger, self-love advocate and alimiyyah graduate. Her mission is to inspire Muslim women to create a beautiful life, infused with love, fiercely igniting their soul to manifest their wildest dreams. You can find her on her blog, Inspired and Fabulous.


Wholesome Happiness For The Modern Day Muslimah

What is it going to take for you to be happy?  

The perfect husband? The most adorable disciplined kids? The Pinterest worthy house? The luxurious holidays? The fancy walk-in wardrobe? None of the above? All of the above?

Wholesome Happiness for the Modern Day Muslimah


We at Salam Gorgeous believe that happiness doesn’t exist alone. You can find happiness in one single area of your life and neglect everything else. It doesn’t work that way. When you uplift one area of your life, you automatically transfer that happiness and positive energy to the other areas of your life too.

As a multitasking and multi-passionate muslimah, you’re endlessly meeting the needs of others, often at the expense of yourself. Staying up way past midnight to complete a project because your kids were driving you crazy? Guilty! Mentally beating yourself up because of a little mistake you made during a family get together? Guilty, right?  

Whilst happiness is seeing your children giggle or completing a project that you’re so proud of, it’s so much more than that. It’s addressing all the areas and roles in your life because it all matters. There’s no point in being a hugely successful entrepreneur if you’re lonely and craving love. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by the most loving spouse but feeling unworthy because you’re losing yourself in your marriage. It all matters.

With that in mind, allow us to introduce you to the four pillars of wholesome happiness:

1) Self:

Your relationship with yourself forms the foundation of every other relationship you have in your life – even your relationship with Allah. If you’re filled with doubts, worries, shaky belief, you’re going to project that into your relationship with Allah. That’s why this pillar is crucial in your life and often the one that’s most easily neglected. This pillar is about your inner confidence, self-esteem, the thoughts that your habitually thinking, your spiritual growth, the way you treat yourself – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

2) Family/ Relationships:

Happiness is best shared. Achieving your ambitious goals and massively impacting others is amazing but it’s pretty lonely at the top. That’s why cultivating meaningful relationships is so important. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by the finest luxuries of the world yet deeply lonely inside. This pillar includes your relationship with your spouse, children, parents and so forth. It’s also one of the most sensitive areas for most people. This is where we harbor resentment, jealousy, anger and thus calls for forgiveness, making peace with the past and letting go. Relationships are often our biggest teachers in life.

3) Lifestyle:

What kind of lifestyle do you want to have? What simple pleasures do you want to enjoy and experience in your life? What does your ideal perfect day look like? The third pillar of wholesome happiness is about consciously choosing to design a life that you’re happy with. It’s the lifestyle that you would love to live. If you’re not careful enough, you could easily fall into the trap of getting busy, living the same life for decades and still getting nowhere. That’s why designing your ideal life is key – What does your social life look like? How much free time do you have daily? What is your daily routine?

4) Purpose/ Giving Back:

If you’re like most women, you have this yearning for something more. You’re passionately bringing up your family, making endless sacrifices yet still have this yearning to express your creativity and give back to this ummah. That creative need to share your message to the world, help others and make an impact is deeply ingrained in us all. The final pillar of wholesome happiness is about sharing your gifts to the world – whether that’s giving charity, building an orphanage, sharing your recipes, giving your best motherhood advice to others… this pillar is all about service to others.


Which of the 4 pillars of wholesome happiness, do you want to work on? Which pillar have you been neglecting? If you were promised your dream life 3 months from now, which area would you address tomorrow? Start with that area – the beautiful thing about wholesome happiness is that when you work in one area of your life, you uplift all other areas too. We’ll be exploring all these pillars more inshaAllah, keep an eye out for articles and more inspirational content coming your way.


About the Author

Umme Hafsa is a life coach, blogger, self-love advocate and alimiyyah graduate. Her mission is to inspire Muslim women to create a beautiful life, infused with love, fiercely igniting their soul to manifest their wildest dreams. Alhamdulillah, we are fortunate to have her as one of our brand advisor. You can find her on her blog, Inspired and Fabulous.

How to Love and Embrace your Body Unconditionally as a Muslim Woman

Is it truly possible to love and embrace your body in a world that’s telling you not to? Is it possible to stop comparing ourselves to society’s limited idea of beauty?

Chelsea from Muslimah Healthy shares with us her story on her past struggles with body image, and shares with us her tips on how to love and embrace your body unconditionally as a Muslim Woman.

I spent many years of my life hating my body and wishing to look like the women in magazines. I was never happy with my appearance. It started out with innocently wanting to lose a few pounds and quickly spiraled into an eating disorder.

No matter how thin I got, I wanted more.

The thing is, we tend to think that changing our body is going to make us happier or more confident in our appearance. What I’ve learned is that it is not our bodies at all that need changing. It is our thoughts.

We need to focus on changing our body image, not our bodies. The definition of body image is a person’s perceptions and attitudes about their body and about how other’s perceive their body. You can’t love something that you think negatively about. We need to stop concerning ourselves with what our body

We need to stop concerning ourselves with what our body should look like, and start focusing on what it does look like and why that is beautiful. We need to learn healthy thought processes and positive ways of perceiving our bodies in order to embrace them for all that they are.

As someone who went from hating her body so much that she wouldn’t give it its basic right of food to someone who now genuinely loves her body and cares about keeping it healthy, I would say it’s 100% possible to learn how to love your body.

I am completely recovered and I never have to urge to be as thin as I once was. That doesn’t mean that I think my body is perfect. That doesn’t mean I am complacent. Of course, there are aspects of my body, and of myself, that I want to improve. It’s just that I no longer hate those parts of me. They are who I am and they give me the push I need to become better.

Here are some of the steps I’ve taken that have helped me to completely change my relationship with my body.

Focus on Health and How You Feel

It should not be all about looks!

It’s OK to want to lose weight. It’s OK to want to work on your body. And it is necessary to be comfortable in your own skin. But this is not what it should be all about. Focusing on your inner health and wellbeing before your appearance will give you a deeper sense of meaning and gratification.

Nourish your body with healthy food not to get the perfect body but to be healthy, strong and energized. Exercise as a way to relieve your daily stress. Think of these healthy habits as wonderful things you are doing for yourself.

When you take the pressure off of yourself and start focusing on how your inner being can benefit, everything else will follow.

Compliment Yourself Daily

Girl you are amazing! You are beautiful. You are strong. You are capable of so much. Stop focusing on all of the things you dislike about yourself and focus on all of the wonderful, phenomenal, incredible things that make you, YOU!

Give yourself daily compliments. When you’re at the mirror getting ready don’t be afraid to tell yourself that you look beautiful. What do you love about yourself? Say it out loud!

Anytime you find those negative self-thoughts creeping up, reverse it with something positive. With time those positive thoughts will start to come naturally.

Practice Gratitude

Did you know that, when awake, the human body produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb? Did you know that the human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors? Did you know that your body produces 25 million new cells each second?

Our bodies are astounding. They are so much more than what is apparent. Release negative self-thoughts and remember how truly amazing you’re body is. Be grateful each and every day for all of the good it brings you. Be grateful for the simple fact that you’re body works day in and day out with no rest to keep you alive, subhanAllah!

Most importantly, remember that these bodies of ours were made by Al-Musawwir (The Shaper of Beauty). How then can you ever feel not pretty enough?

Treat Your Body to Something Special

When you love someone, you want that person to feel special. You might buy that person gifts to make them feel good. Treat your body the same way. Take a scented bath, spend the day at a spa, or indulge in some of your favorite chocolates.

Do anything that makes you feel connected to your body. Once you start treating your body like its special it will eventually become a priority.

Halal Pamper Parties are events hosted by Muslim women in the comfort of their home in Reading, Londong or Slough. They consist of luxury facials, massages, manicures and pedicures and experience the finest halal beauty products on the market.


Understand That You Can Love Yourself While Working to Become Better

Know that loving your body does not mean you think it is perfect. You are allowed to have flaws and you are allowed to recognize those flaws. The key is learning to accept your imperfections and work and them little by little.

You are allowed to love yourself while working to become a better version of you.

Loving your body takes a lot of work and effort. It won’t happen overnight but with these simple tools you can slowly learn how to love and accept your body by changing the negative beliefs about yourself and turning them into positive, loving, caring thoughts.


What are three things you love about yourself? What is one thing you can do every day to show your body some love? Share below!

About the author

Chelsea is a blogger, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist specializing in Healthy Eating for Weight Loss. She is passionate about healthy, natural living and Islamic Medicine. She wishes to inspire other women to live more natural and healthy lives for the sake of Allah (swt). You can find her on her blog, Muslimah Healthy.


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