About Us

Salam! I’m Naziha

Welcome to my little world! Salam Gorgeous has been a dream that turned into a reality with the support of my amazing husband, Ameen and our little bundle of joy, Afrah.

Our Goals…

As with anything born out of good intention, we too began with a dream to create something worthwhile…

The pressure on a modern day Muslim woman is at extraordinary heights that is why at Salam Gorgeous we want to inspire the values of self-love and self-care.

In March of 2016 our dreams became a reality and we opened our virtual doors.

We’ve created a platform to help women across the world reach their full potential while feeling strong, radiant and loved.

We are driven by excellence so you can expect only the very best in everything we do and how we do it.

We know that self-love is a long winding road and that is why we want to support you every step of the way.

We hope to encourage those long lost childhood dreams and inspire new possibilities.

Hop along with us as we explore this journey of embracing ourselves while inspiring self-love and self-care.

Our Guiding Principles


We are obsessed with not settling  for mediocrity. So expect to find only the very best in everything we do and how we do it. That’s a promise we will always uphold


We are all prone to life’s twists & turns. We want to be a place of support. Browse our products, read our magazine & find your inner goddess once more!


Love your Self, love your family and friends, love what you do, and love life. Let’s fill our hearts and worlds with love. Let’s create something special.


Remember the childhood dreams. Anything is still possible. Let’s walk together on life’s journey, reminding & inspiring one another to achieve them

Get inspired

We are here to help you with…
  • Hand-picked items to help your self-love journey
  • Valuable content that simplifies the topic of self-love
  • Providing unique solutions that inspires new possibilities

A Personal Note

Born in a small town in India, I’ve always dreamt of going places. But the twists and turns of life lead me to a life of stagnation.

And as much as this brand is an inspiration to you, it is also serves as reminder to me to be ruthless in my self-care routine and to set the foundation of loving myself fully wherever I may be.

Self-love is something I have yet to master and it is something that I strive to teach my daughter, Insha-Allah.

I believe that every Muslim woman is special and I know how easy it is to forget that. So, through this platform, I strive to be a catalyst for change and to inspire the values of self-love. My wish is to guide you towards the stepping stones of a life filled with confidence, strength and radiance